Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Welcome Efficiency

In my role, I get to see and hear about some amazing accomplishments in healthcare delivery. I also get to see and hear about some unfathomable inefficiencies. Today I took my son to Framingham Pediatrics to get a flu shot. We were met at the door by someone giving us a form to fill out. She directed us immediately to another nurse who reviewed the form, asked my son to have his arm ready and immediately directed us to an exam room. When we arrived at the room, we were met by another woman who reviewed the form and administered the injection. Total time from entry to exit: about two minutes. It was one of the most efficient processes I have ever seen in healthcare. Kudos to Framingham Pediatrics! There is hope.

1 comment:

  1. OK. This is efficient and delivered well from a BUSINESS standpoint, but was Connor treated with care? Did he get a lollypop or anything before he left? OR WAS HE JUST RUSHED IN, GIVEN THE SHOT AND SCOOTED AWAY TO CLEAR THE ROOM FOR THE NEXT PATIENT? As long as patient care is not compromised AT ALL by efficient management, I am all for it. Unfortunately, we don't see that too often these days. TB